NM1 has approximately 200 field-based engineers who provide a capacity to attend over 500 customer calls per day.

  • Their primary key performance indicator is the proportion of calls fixed on the first visit, currently achieving over 90% on average. Getting the ATM back into service and transacting is our top priority. We invest heavily in a comprehensive van kit containing various critical parts, modules and consumables that compliment ATM diagnostic software that help pin-point equipment failure and maximise availability.
  • Spare parts are readily available to enable prompt delivery and provide effective coverage in line with estate requirements. Should a part be required, NM1 has a logistic partnership which allows NM1 to dispatch parts up until 8pm each day close to the customer’s location. All parts used will be original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, which are repaired or refurbished in-house.

NM1 consistently achieve industry leading levels of ATM availability on our estate as a result of our focus on high levels of customer service and achievement of a high level of first-time fix rates. This reduces overall call volumes in the longer term and results in a more efficient network.

For more information please email: [email protected] or call 0800 389 5175

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