The future of Banking services

One in four traditional bank branches will close in the next three years. NM1 is anything but traditional. In today's technology-driven world, customers are more demanding than ever. They expect the perfect balance of practical innovation and personal interaction.

By utillising the NM Money Group's comprehensive suite of services - from shop fitting and installation management to ATM hardware supply and transaction processing - NM1 provides end-to-end bank branch solutions for both the financial institution market and retail sector.

We're committed to a customer-first approach

We've worked tirelessly to develop, acquire and adopt a suite of innovative solutions that deliver a customer-first approach, whilst providing a seamless transition of digitally-enabled branches. 

  • NM1 meet & greet tech 
  • Multi-bank deposit solution
  • Coin deposit solution
  • Transaction processing platform
  • Personal mortgage pods
  • ATM video display advertising

Tailored solutions for financial institutions

  • Shopfitting services 
  • Real estate management
  • Maintenance 
  • Hardware provisions
  • Cash management
  • Security
  • ATM upgrade and spare parts

For more information please email: [email protected] or call 0800 389 5175

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