NM1 can provide the staging of the ATM pre-install
and also the commissioning of the ATM,
either on-site or before the ATM leaves our factory.

  • Staging of the ATM using customer supplied branding and decals.
  • Testing of the functionality of the ATM with customer software installed.
  • Soak testing the ATM for 6hrs+.
  • Commissioning the ATM live.
  • Ensuring that the ATM serial number is matched with the key modules.
  • EPP compliance including recording EPP serial number.
  • Recording ATM Core Details, including MAC address.
  • Recording any additional details required by the customer.
  • Liaising with technical teams to make the ATM live securely and hassle free.
  • Technical Support for any installation engineer post commissioning.

For more information please email: [email protected] or call 0800 389 5175

  • IS 722104

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