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Branch Services

From steel fabrication to furniture. Our expert shopfitting teams make any space spectacular.

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Financial Services

From foreign currency ATMs to bureaux de change branches. Our white-label travel money solutions add value. Whatever the exchange.

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Technical Services

From fee-free advice to virtual applications. Our established mortgage services have the latest mod cons.

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Our Brands


The NM Money Group is a portfolio of prestigious brands that include NM1, NM Money, NM ATM, Eurochange and TestLink.

Our key financial services include:

ATM services - With over 11,000 own-brand and white-label cash machines in operation across the UK and Europe, more than 27 million people use at least one of our ATMs every month.

Foreign exchange - As the UK’s premier foreign exchange provider, offering 70 currencies across more than 190 locations, we handle more than 3 million customer transactions each year.

Mortgage services - Our dedicated call centre of qualified mortgage advisors offer fee-free advice to help our customers find a deal that’s right for them.

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Our History

Founded in 2006, the NM Money Group is a portfolio of financial technology specialists that include NM1, NM Money, NM ATM, Eurochange and TestLink. We run more than 190 branches, operate over 11,000 ATMs and dispense over £1.5 billion in cash each month.


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Welcome to the Future of Banking

Oct 5, 2020, 11:34 AM


One in four traditional bank branches will close in the next three years. But NM1 is anything but traditional.

Utilising the NM Money Group’s comprehensive suite of financial services – from shopfitting and installation management to ATM hardware supply and transaction processing – we’ve created the bank branch of tomorrow. A convenient and cost-effective way to future-proof high footfall sites.  

Our “high-tech, high-touch” solutions give your customers a seamless online-offline experience:

  • Virtual concierge system
  • Multi-bank deposit and transaction-processing software
  • Automated coin deposit solution
  • Secure onsite personal mortgage pods
  • ATM video display advertising

Our turnkey and tailored solutions keep you in control:

  • First-class shopfitting services
  • Real estate management
  • Hardware provision including ATM spares and repairs
  • Year-round cash management services
  • Dedicated maintenance team
  • 24-hour helpdesk
  • Industry-leading security measures

This is NM1 Express Banking Solutions. Welcome to the bank branch of tomorrow.

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